2010 Blue Nail Art

blue nails art

2010 Blue Nail Art

Today, we will introduce blue nails art to you.

amazing blue nail

Blue Nails Art Tips:

If you paint a solid coat of a dark blue on your nails first, then paint a thin coat of a transparent black on top it gives it a pretty cool effect of black when there is no reflection of light on your nails, but when there is light reflecting off of them, you can see a tint of dark blue/navy coming thru. Elvira nail color is best for transparent colors. Nyc is best for solid colors and base/topcoats.

2010 blue nails art

More Blue Nails Art Photos:


Blue Fingernails

Blue fingernails


2010 Blue Nail Art


Blue flower nail

amazing women blue nail

Amazing blue nails art

blue nails art for 2010


nail blue



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