2010 Toe Nail Art

2010 toe nail art

2010 Toe Nail Art


Feet, toes and toenails, an area that normally doesn’t get much coverage on the ‘net, yet there are so many gifted nail techs regularly offering toenail art to their clients. To try and redress the balance, we’ve started up the toenail gallery.

toe nail

Since fashion is a form of art, it does require imagination, creativity, and some art skills. Just like with the latest fashion statement of today – nail art.

4th July Toe Nails

Nail art is now one of the most famous fashion styles nowadays because it is easy to carry, easy to do, and easy to remove in case fashion trends change. Nail art is applied to both hand and toe nails through the use of several art techniques and materials, and of course a wide array of nail polish colors.

Big Toe Nail Art

But most of us only see hand nail arts and toe nail art seem to be taken for granted. Perhaps this is because our feet are most of the time covered, or perhaps because the small space in our toe nails makes it harder to decorate.

blue toe nail art

Whatever the reason may be, toe nail art is still a good style to wear – and such reasons should not hinder us from decorating and pampering our toe nails.

 blue toe nail art photo

So today we will show you some feet and toe nails art photos.

Edaniel Toe nail

2010 Feet & Toe Nail Art

Hot Big Toe Nail Art

Louis Vuitton Toe Nails

Louis Vuitton Toe Nails Art

toe and feet nail art

2010 Toe Nail Art

Toe and feet Nail Art hot

toe nail

Toe Nail Art

Toe Nail Art1

Toenail Design


red toe nail art

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