2010 Gel Nail Trends

gel nail 2010

2010 Gel Nail Trends

2010 gel nails

Gel is easier to apply than Acrylics, making it the ideal system for beginners. Gel Nails are easy to apply, odour free, hard wearing and beautiful to look at.

gel nail - black

Gel Nails are the future of the nail industry! Europe is already 90% GELS, the USA will be too within 10 years! Gels are and will be the “hot” service that clients demand. No other service can give clients both a natural nails look and feel combined with the convenience and durability of acrylic nails.

gel nail art

Many people have tired of acrylic nails in this past decade because of the disadvantages that can be associated with them . These same people now flock to salons in record numbers for “natural nail” manicures with many spa type add-ons to increase the ticket price.

gel nails

But many of these people have already grown weary of the weekly appointments and rigorous home maintenance requirements of “natural” nails. They want another alternative; they want natural beauty combined with strength and durability.

gel nails 2010

I think gel nails are the best of the worlds!

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