2010 Hot Black Nails Trends

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Black nails have not always been a sign of an anti-establishment agenda. In fact, jet-black nails used to speak of royalty and lavish living.

Nail Art - Hand Painted

In ancient China, nail color was used to signify social ranking, with mere commoners enjoying shades of pink while the royals used red and black.

Black Nail Art Perdy Flowers

In the centuries that followed, popular nail colors ranged from sweet pastels to raging neons, but black was relatively unheard of. Then, in the seventies, rockers such as David Bowie and Freddie Mercury resurrected the look.

Black Nail Polish

While black nails are still enjoyed by goths and punk rockers, the color has also become more mainstream in recent years. Stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, and Nicole Richie have been photographed on the red carpet sporting black nail polish along with their high fashion frocks. This creates a look that is reminiscent of a bad girl, but is still pretty and amazing.

Black nails

Black nail polish is a little more difficult to wear than more traditional nail colors. Since black nails are often attributed to various subcultures, you must think about what look you are trying to achieve.

black nails_polish

2010 Hot Black Nails Trends

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