2010 Japanese nail art trends

Japanese nail art trends

Cute 3-D bows, Hello Kitty designs and flowers are making nail art acceptable. Stop scaring people away with your nails! The girlie cuteness of Japanese nail art is neither tacky or vampy.

Kawaii Japanese Nail Art Tips

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A new generation of nail artists in Japan are taking a cue from adventurous crafters, and decorating nails in every way imaginable, using loads of materials not normally found on nails.

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In Japanese nail art, nail artists use hand-painting or airbrush techniques on on acrylic nail chips that are then attached to the real nail underneath. The artwork work can also be done directly on the hand.

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While most of the two-dimensional art is designed to give some depth and the impression of three dimensions, actual 3-dimensional art is practiced as well – using sculpture powder and the addition of charms and small bits of jewelry.

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Decorating your nails with colorful designs and adorning them with crystals is nothing new to the girls into hip hop and street culture. Designer Nails are becoming popular. Especially in the UK and in Japan where Streetwear influence is strong.

Japanese Fruit Nails

Nail design has become part of self-expression for some women. For others, it is a trip to the beauty salon where women can get literally art pieces on their nails.

Japanese nail art trends

2010 Japanese nail art trends

japanese nails

japanese nails art

2010 Japanese nail art

japanese nails design

japanese nails design tips


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