2010 French manicure nail art

French Manicure

Women are becoming more and more addicted to have their manicure done. It is not a bad thing because beautiful manicured nails can help change the appearance of a person, making her look more groomed and sophisticated.

marbled french manicure

Nail art has become more and more popular and it has grown very much since artificial nails were invented. 

french manicure short nails

Nail art can be performed on natural nails, acrylic nails or gel nails depending on each persons preference and design request. Nails can be now decorated with ceramic figurines, figurines which are becoming more and more radical.

 nails art for women

We can see jewelery placed on the nails to create elegant and sophisticated radical nails, nails which surely cannot pass unnoticed.


French manicure nail art can look stunning with very simple designs. For example, a hand painted flower and a Swarovski rhinestone is quite simple to create but looks clean and fresh with the French manicure background.

Nail Art for hot

Other French manicure designs can be created using acrylic or fibreglass.

Nail Art

All extension or enhancement products have a white tip option for achieving the French manicured look, and with Creative Ten’s range of embedding media, as a skilled nail technician you will be able to create permanent French manicure nail art using real dried flowers, acrylic shapes, glitters and bullion beads to name a few.


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  5. April says:

    Please can you do a simple star design using just nail art pens ?
    And are you supposed to cover your cuticle when you paint your nails as i always do, is this bad or does it not effect anything ?

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