2010 Nail Art Tips – Benefits of Gel Nails

gel nail tips

There are two current types of gel nails: light cured and no-light gels.

gel nails with hot pink glitter

A gel nail is typically a pre-mixed polymer and monomer gel that is first applied to the nails and then cured under ultra-violet lights. Light cured are still more common, but the advantage to no-light gel nails is less time waiting in the light.

2010 gel nails

No-light gel nails are cured with a special gel activator that is brushed or sprayed onto the nail. Some are cured by being dipped in plain water.

candy nails

Gel nails are thin, clear and flexible. Since they are so versatile, they can be used for natural nail overlays, tip overlays or they can be sculpted on forms.

gel nail - black

Gel nails combine a natural look and feel with convenience and durability.

gel nail art

If you want to grow out your natural nails, gel nails can become a base coat that protects and strengthens your own nails.

Gel Nails ~ Fruits

Maintenance is necessary but gel nails never need to be removed. Another benefit is that they feel natural because they are so lightweight and flexible.

gel nails trends

Instead of feeling “fake” the feel like your own real nails.


2010 Nail Art Tips – Benefits of Gel Nails

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