2010 nail care do’s – Nail care tips

hot nail art design 2010

2010 nail care do’s – Nail care tips

hot nail art design

Although several nail care products can help your nails grown healthy and strong, there are still many ways that you can do to improve your nails without spending some money.

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Today we will give you some nail care do’s that would only cost you some time and discipline.

a. Do moisturize your cuticles as often as possible. 

b. Do pay attention to your cuticles. Push your cuticles back as little as you can to keep you nails free from problems.

c. Do take time in allowing your polish to dry. try to avoid quick dry top coats or nail polish as they usually contain alcohol.

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d. Do avoid excessive filing of your nails as this can break the nail’s structure. If possible, use only the gentles file, apply the gentlest filing pressure and avoid metal or exceedingly coarse nail files.

e. Do touch ups on your polish. Make your manicure and pedicure last longer by applying a layer of top coat every other day.

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Take heed of these do’s to keep your nails healthy and pretty. Nail care practices are as simple as most basic hygiene routines.

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Just take the time to understand the importance of taking care of your nails and the importance of following the proper way to care for them.

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2010 nail care do’s – Nail care tips

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2010 nail art design

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