2010 Nail Colors Trends & Tips

2010 nail color trends

For 2010 nail colors are going to be bright and vibrant. Fashion has taken a turn and bright colors with lots of designs or detailing will be in big demand. Many of the celebrities have been spotted with colorful nails and more people will definitely follow.


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Nail color helps to bring out the nails but colors such as yellow and pink are only the beginning. Cute nail decals or hand painted pictures will be big in 2010 because they allow individuals to be unique. It is probably safe to say that a person with bright orange fingernails with duck decals on them will not have to worry about seeing another person with the same exact design.

3D Nail Art Designs - pink and black color

The bright nail colors allow individuals to experiment and see what works best for them. In addition to bright nail colors, black, dark purple and will be relatively popular.

Deep red nail art

People have painted their nails black for years but now instead of an amazing look it is being viewed as an edgy and stylish look. Many singers paint their nails black and their fans love it. Some men can even be seen with black nails. The black nails are often just the background for other designs that people decorate their nails with.


Many people are mixing colors also and this will be a big concept in 2010. People will get a chance to mix their favorite nail colors and make unique designs and even inspire others. The new season will also bring new designs as people strive to be different and come up with their own concepts.

 halloween nail art

2010 Nail Colors Trends & Tips

Hobbit nail art

Nail Art Design

Nail color

Nail colors

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2010 Nail Colors



pink nail art


yellow nail art

yellow nail color

Crystal Nail Art Design

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