2010 Silver Nail Color

2010 Silver Nail Color

silver nail color for 2010

If you always think pink for a manicure, it may be time to pimp up your polish with the hot metallic nail trend straight from the fashion runways in 2010. Silver, graphite, chrome and platinum nails are replacing pale pinks as the color in the coming year.

nail color silver

Celebrities like Mischa Barton, Heidi Klum and Lindsay Lohan are all sporting it. If you’re skeptical about trying this trend, or you think it might look over the top, there’s a silver shade out there for everyone, whether you want to make a strong statement as bold as tin foil or just want a hip twist on neutral or nude.

black onyx with silver swirls

In fact, many of these polishes are much more silver in the bottle than on nails. Here are some of our favorites:

Silver Glitter French on Silver Pearl with Holly and Snowflakes

2010 Silver Nail Color

silver nail

silver nail color

2010 Silver Nail Color

silver nail color for hot

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