2010 Tips on Nail Care

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Polished, clean and well-maintained nails can never go out of fashion. Today we will give you a few tips on nail care and how to choose the right nail care products for beautiful and healthy nails.

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Beautiful and healthy nails are necessary to complete any look. Imagine a super hot ensemble being combined with unkempt hands!

amazing nail art

Most people, who fuss for hours over their clothes and plan incessantly to perfect different looks, often overlook one of the most important points of being well groomed.

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Nail care is not only in fashion; it is now one of the most important aspects that add to the beauty of one’s hands and also the personality.

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Here are some tips on nail care:

Wearing regular nail polish is often not a good idea. Ensure you have the polish off, for one day of the week so that your nails can breathe easy.

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Good healthy nails often have a pinkish tinge.

Always dip your hands in a mixture of warm water (1 cup) with one tablespoon of lemon juice before you proceed with your manicure.

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Use coconut oil or castor oil to massage into your nails, which would impart a super shine to the nails.

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An easy way to clean your cuticles would be to twist your fingers inside half a lemon.

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2010 Tips on Nail Care

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