Acrylic nails – Do you like them?

Acrylic nails 2010 (2)

Manicures generally include shaping the nails, cuticle care, hand massage and polishing and giving a glossy finish to the nails.

Acrylic nails

Professionally manicured nails look neat and very attractive. Nail art is an artistic process, which involves special care of the nails.

spotty glitter nails

The nails can later be decorated with designs and nail colors that can range from plain prints and glitter to abstracts and crystal. The nail is the canvas on which people can also use fragile dried flowers or even smiley stickers or diamantes.

Acrylic nails for hot

Acrylic nails are stuck on the nails in order to extended them. This works best for people who do not have long nails or chipped nails. The nails can then be polished with any color and smoothened to give it a natural look.

Along Came A Butterfly nail art

Blue Nails

Blue Nails

fingernail paintings

fingernail pinting

naturla length nail art

Pirate Nails

triple thick red stripes nail art

Acrylic nails

wild nails

zebra nails

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  1. ashanti says:

    hi they were ok u should try girl on fire nails from hunger games u would lov that movie if u seen it im sure u liked it well peace

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