Airbrushed tips for your nail

Airbrushed tips for your nail

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Airbrushed or predesigned nail tips are great, and if you get tired of looking at them or feel like a change in scenery you can just polish over them.

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The nail tips should be applied to the nail as you would normally apply any other tip, most airbrushed tips have a full well on them and tip blender can still be used to blend this down before applying either your acrylic, gel or fibreglass to them.

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Remember, it is still important to prep the nail as you would if you were applying any other type of nail tip.

Airbrushed nail art

Choosing an airbrush is a lot like selecting a car. There are various models in many price ranges and not all are suited to your particular needs or financial situation. The same holds true for an airbrush.

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Some are designed for specific applications and others are aimed at a variety of uses. Some will only handle a particular kind of paint and others are just for precise detailing.

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Of course, a variety of prices correspond with the assortment of models.


Airbrushed tips for your nail

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    Wow!! Nice designs, i will tell my GF about this one. She like doing nails art..thanks for the great post..

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