Black Nails Polish Tips

amazing black nails polish

Few fashion trends speak as loudly as black nail polish. Instantly labelling its wearer “goth” or “punk”, black nail polish is rebellion in a bottle.

black nails art

While black nails are still enjoyed by goths and punk rockers, the color has also become more mainstream in recent years.

black nails art tips 

Stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, and Nicole Richie have been photographed on the red carpet sporting black nail polish along with their high fashion frocks.


 This creates a look that is reminiscent of a bad girl, but is still pretty and fashionable.


black nail polish

Big name designers, such as Chanel and OPI, are now offering their own versions of black nail products.

Sarah Michelle Gellar black nails polish

Sarah Michelle Gellar looks so fresh with this black nail polish. Any manicure is a great opportunity to add some pizzazz to your style and it gives you a glam lift.

Anne Hathaway black nails polish

Anne Hathaway looked stunning and sophisticated at a recent red carpet event. It was quite interesting to see her with black nail polish.

Black nail polish1

Jet-black fingernails, much like a black eye, send a clear message: Don’t F with this broad. But Chanel’s new limited release of its Black Satin nail color has attracted even the most elegant of ladies. It looks very chic on short nails and there’s no seasonality to the color.

Rihanna black nails polish

It seems like Rihanna changes her nail polish about as often as she changes her lipstick!

Jessica black nails

Jessica Black Nails Polish

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