How To Design Your Nails? – Nail Design Tips

Nail Design Tips

Nail design has become part of self-expression for some women. For others, it is a trip to the beauty salon where women can get literally art pieces on their nails.

amazing nail color
Today we will give you some nail design tips for your nail design DIY.

blue arrows nail color

Stickers: You can use nail stickers; they are not only for kids. They are sold in many discount stores such as Target or pharmacies such as CVS. For this, do your regular manicure, but do not apply the finish transparent coat. Wait until it is dry and put the stickers, and then put the transparent nail polish. You may apply two coats.

damier 2 by ~Tartofraises

Brightstones and nail jewelry. Apply it just like the stickers. You can form your own designs and apply them to the nails. To put them on, you will need tweezers or a similar instrument to lift them and put them in place, because they are tiny.


Inspiration. Where to find inspiration? From everywhere, but if you need help, you can look for designs on the Internet, Asian magazines (even if you do not understand the language) and nail magazines.

hot nail art color

hot nail color

Nail Design Tips

Pattern with dots nail color

Pattern with dots nail color

pink and flowers nail

Pink and flowers nail

pink nail color

Pink Nail Color

pink nail color and flower

pink nail color for 2010

purple nails

water marbled nails

yellow summer polish

Yellow Nail Polish

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