How to Do Nail Art Designs – Nail Art Designs DIY

Nail Art DIY

How to Do Nail Art Designs – Nail Art Designs DIY

spring art - purple

1. Begin with clean, shaped nails. If your nails are short or you want to do complex nail art designs, you may want to consider acrylic nails.

Beautiful handmade rings nail art

2. Decide on a nail art design. Think about the type of look you want for your nails. If you are a beginner you may want to start with simple flowers or patterns.

Black n Purple nail art

3. Paint your nails with a nail polish base coat. Follow the base coat with a coat or two of nail polish that is the main color of your design. Let dry completely before and after each coat.

Now you have the base to do nail art designs.

Deep red nail art

4. Use nail art brushes and/or dotting and marbling tools to do nail art designs. You can also use household items to create effects; hair pins, toothpicks, thin tipped paint brushes etc. These are great to help you do nail art designs.

 Deep red nail art for 2010

5. Start with simple designs. A flower is a cute look to try. Using a toothpick or dotting tool, dot several small dots in a circle. Add a small rhinestone to the middle for glitz.

Nail Art leopard print

 Another simple look is a tiger nail. Use a strong nail polish like black or purple for the background. Then paint thin stripes across the nail with a fine brush.

Princess nails art- pink

6. Add extra glitz to your designs with rhinestones, decals, glitter, foils, metallics, lace and more.

Purple,Black and Gold nail art

7. Use acetone nail polish remover and a q-tip to gently remove any extra polish or mistakes.

 red Nail Art - Hand Painted

8. Paint a clear top coat nail polish over your nail art designs. Let it dry.

Reapply top coat every few days to help the nail art designs last longer.

Red, Gitter and Chain nail art

 9. As you become more advanced you can paint intricate designs. You may want to buy some fake acrylic nails to practice on.

Summer Nails - blue

Finally, Glam up your look tonight and do nail art designs!

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