How to wear black nail polish in 2010

black nail art for the coming year

Today, black nail polish has gone conventional. Now seen on the digits of famous stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba, black nails have invaded the mainstream and even the red carpet.


Although it still connotes a bad look effect, it becomes sophisticated and glamorous when worn together with the right outfit.

To get the right look, identify first the type of look you want to display. For a Gothic look, have black clothing with your hair black and stick straight and pair it with your black nails. Wear black lipstick but go light and pale on the makeup for that rock chic look.

black _Nail_Art_Perdy_Flowers_by_kikitue

Skip the black clothing if you just want a traditional and more casual look. Pair black nails with tan outfit for your everyday day time look and wear it with denim over the weekends.

black and pink nail art

Wear black nails together with simple jewelry for that sexy and edgy appearance. Look classy with black nail polish on short and well-manicured nails. Obviously, long, especially fake long, black nails appear scary and look like a costume for the Halloween.

black nail

How to wear black nail polish in 2010

black nail and ice

black nail art

black nail art for 2010

black nails art for hot

Nail art

nail art for hot

nail black



Plain Black French

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