Manicures Tips

Manicure tips

Manicures Tips


Our hands tell alot about us and give away alot that we don’t want other people to know, you know those age spots that start to show, the fact that we have been working hard and have worn our nails right down… and unless you wear gloves all the time your hands will give you away. But, there are way to to hide these giveaways.

Christmas Manicure

A hand cream is a MUST have item. Use it twice a day. A good hand cream will also give your hands a protective barrier for continual moisturising.

Christmas Manicure 1

Have a look at Missai Naturals Hand Souffle, this cream was originally designed to be used by nurses, who continually have their hands in water, the cream quickly absorbs, is full of natural oils and provides a protective barrier, so much so that even after you have washed your hands you can still feel it on your skin.

pink Christmas Manicure

Manicures Tips

green Christmas Manicure

It does not leave a greasy after feeling – it absorbs right in.

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