More about Japanese nail art


When we talk about art people just go crazy whether it’s painting, sculpting or simple decoration. It’s not just color fascination but also the overall fine art that lug people towards it.

pink hot nail art

Now you may think nail art is very usual, every parlour gives you this service and we completely admit that. You might have even tried few but we are sure you wouldn’t have tried “Japanese Nail Art”.If not …than surely try this, its amazing and next to possible after French manicure success!

flower nail art

All you have to do is hunt for nearest “Japanese Nail Art Salon” and tint your fingertips just like that. You will be startled with the designs when it comes to Japanese nail art.

flower nail art and color

The artists have given soul to this art form with two and three-dimensional effect. No we are not jesting; they have simply extended this skill adding sculpture powder and jewellery. Try them out and create a rave at parties and outings.

hot nail art

If you are a newbie, you can always start off with the simple design just for practice. One way I normally do at home is to use my own nail polish and create fun designs by playing around with patterns and color combination.


More about Japanese nail art

nail art

Japanese nail artnail color


pink nail art

Japanese nail art

white and pink nail art

White nail art

white nail art

White wedding nail art

white nail color

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  1. Nikki says:

    wow that’s just awesome, and Amiee is so right, the wedding ones are so kool, wow, which ones did you end up going with, I couldn’t tell!?

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