Nail art trends in the coming year

nail color in the coming year

Nail art trends in the coming year

Nail Art in the coming year

There are a few things that can tell you a lot about the woman. Personality is revealed in everything a woman does, wears and prefers. Want to know what mood your girlfriend is today? Look at her nails! Pay attention to the color of her polish. Is it elegant, playful or casual? Does a woman want to make a statement with her nails or she just wants to keep it low-key? Nail polish tells everything.

2010 nail color

These are main 2010 nail trends to follow:

a. Nail Length

Let your nails be past the tip. You can make them a bit longer but then be careful with the nail polish color. The same is about too short nails. Keep it moderate, keep it elegant and make sure your nails match your style.

red nail color

b. Nail Color

That’s probably the best thing about nails at all. Nail polish colors are always inspired by fashion. Fashion runaways for winter 2009 suggested bright rich colors that sometimes go to the extreme in their palette.

3D Nail Art Designs

The main nail polish tendencies suggest us using darker colors like dark plums, inky-reds, deep purples and navy blues, greys and charcoals, dark browns, dark orange, copper, lavender and wines.

Crystal Nail Art Design

nail art and color

Nail Art Design

nail color 2010

Nail art trends in the coming year

nail with crystal

purple nail art

Finger painting

OPI A Grape Fit! with white nail art

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  1. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

  2. Aubrey Molinas says:

    Now that’s what I call news!
    Thanks for putting this out in the open for us to read.

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