Russian nail art collection

Russia nail art (2)

Blue manicure is the new black in 2010. Along with some classic colors such as red, purple and brown the new season will be sophisticated.

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens

The colors of the new Russian Collection by OPI bring aristocratic Russia back to life and capture the trends of the season perfectly.


The twelve OPI Nail Polish colors in this collection include shades of opulent raisin, rich crimson, deep sea indigo, wintry shade of onyx, terra cotta pink, decadent dark chocolate, shimmering red, shimmery copper, deep shade of wine, rich shade of claret, charcoal with a hint of maroon glimmer.

Russia Nail art

The collection is anything but ordinary. And the color names are a proof: Vodka & Caviar, Suzy Says Da, Krème de la Kremlin, St. Petersburgundy, Catherine the Grape, Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey, Siberian Nights, Ruble for Your Thoughts, Russian Navy and Midnight in Moscow.

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