Tokyo Nail Art

Amazing Tokyo Nail Art

Apparently, the nail industry is really big in Japan right now, so it’s no wonder they’ve actually organized an exposition where nail artists could showcase their latest masterpieces.

2009 Tokyo Nail Art

The Japanese nail art scene is presumably one of the most vibrants in the world. Why? Look at the hordes of Shibuya garu that practically live to care about their looks! It has to be more than just nail stickers for casual nail fashion; salons are dotted all about town to enhance you with the most elaborately designed nail chips.

Hot 2009 Tokyo Nail Art

The Japanese nail industry has grown to 200 million yen, so it’s no wonder this year’s event drew in a crowd of approximately 50,000.

Hot Tokyo Nail Art

I have to admit the nail artworks presented at the Tokyo Nail Expo 2009 were pretty impressive.

Tokyo Nail Art

Tokyo Nail Art0

Tokyo Nail Art

Tokyo Nail Art1

Tokyo Nail Art2

Tokyo Nail Art3

Tokyo Nail Art4

Tokyo Nail Art5

Japanese Nail Art

Tokyo Nail Art6

Tokyo Nail Art7

Tokyo Nail Art8

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