Why black nail polish?

black nail art and color

Most of us equate black nail polish with the punk or goth look. But do you know that it is more than just a rebellion in a bottle? Black nails have been linked to defiance just recently. Before, black nails used to denote extravagant living and royalty. It all started in China where social ranking is signified through the nail colors people wear.

black nail art

After that era, different nail colors emerged and black, in its lack of color, has been forgotten. It was in the seventies when amazing rockstars again introduced black nail polish.

Because black polish was worn by most male hard rock musicians, the nail polish color represented a whole new status.

black nail polish

 Today, black nail polish has gone conventional. Now seen on the digits of famous stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba, black nails have invaded the mainstream and even the red carpet.

black toe nail polish

Although it still connotes a bad look effect, it becomes sophisticated and glamorous when worn together with the right outfit.

black nail art for 2010

black nail polish

black nail

black nail polish hot

hot black nail

Celebrity black nail art

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