2010 Acrylic Nail Care Tips

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Acrylic nails are very popular around the world.

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Read on some acrylic nail care tips to protect your nails and preserve them in great shape for as long as possible.

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Acrylic nails have been popular since they first came out on the market. Acrylic nails offer beautifully enhanced nails in a variety of colors and designs.

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The thing that most women wearing acrylic nails don’t know is that infections and fungi can affect our nails if they are not taken care properly.

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Here are some acrylic nail care tips to keep them clean and neat!

a. Use antibacterial products to wash your hands. This way you can prevent bacteria from forming.

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b. Always keep your acrylic nails dry because water will cause the acrylic to lift, creating a gap that will house bacteria and fungi.

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c. if your acrylics get chipped or split go fix it because the gap provides a moist, warm environment in which bacteria can grow.

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d. while doing household chore wear a set of rubber gloves.

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