2010 acrylic nail

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Many people like the look of long fingernails, but not everyone can grow long fingernails on their own. When nails are weak or brittle, acrylic nail tips can be attached to the natural nail to create the illusion of longer natural fingernails.

nail with crystal

Acrylic is a durable plastic that can be formed and molded into different shapes, and the acrylic used for nail tips comes in a couple of different forms.

black crystal nail

The latest invention in nail grooming and care is acrylic nails. These are artificial nails that are pasted onto the real nail.

Acrylic Nails 1

Acrylic nails are basically made by mixing a particular powder and liquid. The best liquid that can do no harm should contain Ethyl Methacrylate, also called EMA.

Acrylic Nails for hot

Artificial nails, or acrylic nails, are very pretty. You can have them at any length and at any color. You can indulge in the whimsical and have designs painted on them.

Acrylic Nails

You canĀ also have artificial nails pierced and wear nail rings.

black crystal nail

2010 acrylic nail

Green long Acrylic Nails


purple nail

Red Acrylic Nails

zebra nail

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