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Acrylic nails are the most commonly known and used artificial nails. They are very popular among women who want long nails but are having difficulty growing their natural nails. This type of artificial nails is also the most widely used by women, especially those who are always on the go and want to keep their nails long.

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The reason behind their popularity can be related to their variety of colors and designer patterns, customized to suit the taste of every woman.

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They are ideal to sport in special occasions and can also be used as a signature of your regular day to day style.

Acrylic nails are made with polymer, a powdered acrylic product and monomer, a liquid acrylic product. The mixture of these two products are applied on the fingernails with a brush which takes just a few minutes to harden up, resulting in the most durable, thickest and strongest among all the other kinds of artificial nails.

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One of the most recommended among the available products is Ethyl Methacrylate or EMA.

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However; it is important to apply the mixture in a proper way, failing which it might not produce a realistic appearance and instead appear to be fake and thick.

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As your nails grow you will need to fill in Acrylic nails in every two to three weeks. However, you may need to visit the manicurist even before that to avoid loosening of your nails depending on how hard they are.

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Loosening of the nails can allow water to get trapped underneath the nails, which in turn leads to mildew.

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