2010 beautiful nail art & nail color trends

 nail trends

The nails are one of the striking features of a lady’s appearance. How much you care for your nails will reflect how well you take care of your body.

pink nail

Most women do their nails regularly themselves or going to a nail technician. To make the nails more than just being clean, nail polish is applied and some people indulge in nail art.

nail art

Most of the time, we choose nail colors that can match our daily attire. It can also be for one important occasion. Compared with clothes in the fashion world, nail colors also change every season.

nail trends

There are five nail colors you should know that would be in fashion this year 2010. The first nail color is the timeless elegant black. Black nails are still popular in most ladies. Its elegance and sophistication is being admired by millions of women. Black is easy to replenish before your next nail appointment by simply applying a single coat on your nails.


Red nails make a great base color for different nail designs. Dark red nail color will go well with gemstones. The blue color used to be coined as the new black. However, the previous blue nails colors were not dark enough to stand up to the title.


But with 2010, bright blue colors are expected to be seen on many women’s nails; even bright green nails will be loved. Metallic nail colors such as gold, silver and bronze will give your attire a more feminine look – great for all parties this year.

purple nail

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