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Nail art has become part of almost every woman’s life as an added enhancer to the total feminine look. No longer do we get contented with the usual nail polish as every year delights us with a lot of nail art possibilities.

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It has rather become some sort of cult in the fashion world and one option for this art is the 3D nail stickers. Preparing for those night outs would require you to beautify yourself from your makeup, to shoes and clothes, and now with your nails as well.

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Expensive nail designs are available in different patterns including popular designs such as fruits, animals flowers and seasonal art for special holidays.

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The inclusion of Swarovski crystals makes it costly but guaranteed to add brilliance to your nails. These will make the nails look gorgeous and impressive. Using these stickers is easy that generally, you can do it even if you do not have a steady hand. It is not a messy procedure and they adhere to your nails quite nicely.

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More complicated nail designs are more expensive as well. It will depend on the quality and quantity of the art found in the stickers. Intricate designs involve hand painted art, gemstone varieties to name two.


Make sure that you purchase top quality nail stickers so you would not worry about damaging your bed nails during and after usage.

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