2010 White Nail Polish Trends

2010 White Nail Polish Trends

Apparently Everyone in the world is wearing white nail polish right now. Look at the white nails! Isn’t that great!

Jaslene Gonzalez, Omahyra Mota

I was reading my People style watch magazine couple of weeks ago and it said that white nail polish is in.



Celebrities with white nail polish

The newest nail trend among celebs is white nail polish. Celebrities like Natasha Bedingfield , Jennifer Lopez and Miley Cyrus are all requesting white polish for their manicures.


Pure white and off-white nails are very trendy right now, and both shades look especially good with tanned skin and summery clothes, like brights and pastels. Take a cue from Scarlett Johansson and try wearing it on your nails.





Gabrielle Union with white nail polish


Charlize Theron with white nail polish

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  1. lil mama says:

    pretty nails r on hay wrd

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