About OPI nail polish

OPI nail polish

OPI nail polish is created by a professional nail product company, founded in 1981 by George Schaeffer and named OPI. The company is known for striving to create high quality professional nail polish and products. The products are sold through salons, spas, and other professional nail care venues.


They maintain high standards for their products and employ a team of scientists to verify quality and safety of their products and assist in creation of OPI innovations.

green nail color

OPI also assists in humanitarian aid, contributing generously to the American Red Cross. OPI’s founder also established a foundation that contributes to various charities, particularly health-related charities, free health clinics, and children’s educational programs.


pink nail and flower

OPI nail polish

purple nail

fan brush and brown nail art

Photos from http://nail-art.overblog.fr/

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