All about nail color in 2010

nail color photos

This coming year, nail polish will going to be wild!

red nail

We will be seing more vivid and wild nail colors before the year ends.

black nail color

Bright neon color nail polish, midnight black, and black will be the hottest nail color this coming 2010.

 dark nail color

If you are a working girl in an office setting, you may want to stay away on dark colors. You can opt for neon hot pink and glittering white to look more professional.

flower nail

Here are my option of nail colors:

I personally love the yellow neon color that I am sure will be very popular. I also love the hot sparkiling white or midnight black nail color nail polish.


All about nail color in 2010

nail with crystal

OPI's Lincoln Park at Midnight

purple nail

purple nail art

wild nail art

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