Celebrities Minx Nails Trends


Love the way your nails look after a manicure, but hate the toxic smell and drying time? Then Minx is for you. 


Minx is a revolutionary film that adheres to nails without chemicals or glue, and lasts up to 4 weeks!

Minx Nails megan fox

It comes in 150 styles, including foil and sparkly metallics, polka dots, and plaid.  In fact, because Minx is made of film and not polish, it can be customized with any picture, photo, or logo.


Minx uses heat to adhere a special, customized film to nails, so no harsh chemicals are needed! Minx is sure to become the next big thing in nail care, and is already building a fanbase that includes stars like Beyonce and Blake Lively. To remove, blast nails with a blow dryer or soak them in water.

Blake Lively nail

Blake Lively showed off wild metallic nails at the Costume Institute Gala at the MET in New York. Her nails are a hot new technique by Minx Nails. The product is a unique foil base that molds onto the nail with heat, leaving you with a mega-metallic manicure.


 Stars like Beyoncé and Victoria Beckham love Minx Nails because it looks like jewelry for their nails! The technique is super-new and only available at participating salons.


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    do you have a picture of rihanna or beyonce pink or silver nails

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