Do You Like 3D Nail Art?

3d nail art trends

Lots of 3D Nail Art in the main galleries, but we’re just gonna show you a brief glimse of what 3D nails are all about just in case there’s anybody there who is’nt too familiar with the whole 3 Dimensional concept.

3d nail art for hot

It’s really nothing short of amazing what some guys can achieve using 3D.

3d cupcake nail art

Although there are so many nail artists can do little designs and glue decals to your nails, the Japanese nail artists take it to the next level by attaching jewels, 3D flowers, intricate patterns and art, and even insane looking extensions!

3d nail

3D Nail art designs can take minutes to several hours to complete, depending on their complexity.

3d nail 2010

3D Nail Art

3d nail art

Flower origamy - 3d nail art

Nail Art - 3d ARt

3D Nail Art for 2010

Nail Art - 3d art 2

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    I am interested in nail art but don’t know where to get it from.

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