Do You Like Acrylic nails?

 Acrylic nails trends

Apart from serving the fashion statements, Acrylic nails also serve a number of practical purposes.

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Acrylic nails are very difficult to break or cut and thus no matter how much you chew or bite them in times of stress or depression, you can hardly affect their look and shape. Therefore, these nails can be very helpful for breaking the ugly habit of nail biting.

Acrylic nails

Moreover, they are great substitutes for split or weak nails and can be a perfect companion for all those who travel a lot as they can be easily repaired or filled in.

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All you need to do is maintain them on a bi-weekly basis and leave it on them to take care of the looks and appearance of your nails.

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Acrylic nail care is quite similar to your natural nail care. It is advisable to avoid soaking them in water for a long period as it might lead to water trapping, causing infection and nail fungus.

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Just the way you do for protecting your natural nails, wear rubber gloves while cleaning the house or washing dishes.

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Both getting and removing Acrylic nails at beauty parlors and salons can be quite expensive.


Alternatively, you can do both of these even at home to avoid extra expenditure. To wear Acrylic nails on your own purchase a kit from the drugstore. While removing them you may either have to buy a professional Acrylic nail remover kit from the local drugstore or buy a nail polish remover.

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However, you may need to buy a large bottle and make sure that it is not a regular and gentle nail polish remover but rather contains acetone.

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Acrylic nails

pink nails

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