Do You Like French Manicure?

french manicure nails 2010

Beauty is definitely big business, which goes without saying.

Queen of hearts nail art

The recent years have seem this business booming and beauty salons have taken bigger steps to ensure that their services offer the latest and the best, when it comes to hair dressing or beauty treatments or even the manicures available.

3d flower nail art

The past few years always had limitations as far as manicures were concerned. But today, the manicures have gone a step ahead beyond the regular filing of the nails and giving it luscious coats of nail polish.

2010 nail art

The French manicure still remains to be the most popular amongst people and with those who follow the latest in nail fashion circuit.

Brianne's acrylics nail art

French Manicure is like any normal manicure. The main difference lies in the end process. Here, the entire nail is painted with a base color and only the tips of the nail are colored with white polish.

Fimo ribbon nails art

The nails are given a different shape that looks squarish rather than the conventional round shape. The entire coat is then covered with varnish.

French Flower Manicure

There are also a certain segment of fashion conscious people who prefer to go beyond the traditional ways. Which is why, nail art has sprung up to be very popular amongst most women today.

French Flower Manicure part

Today, the creativity in nail art has reached new heights and French nail art is very much in vogue. Nail art designs are highly suitable for nails that have undergone a French manicure as these provide a good base for nail art and are extended for longevity.

french manicure short nails 2010

french meow

nail art for hot

French Zebra nail art


nail art

nail art design

nail art design

Sugar and Spice Nails

french manicure short nails

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