Do you like toe nail art?

toe nail art 2010

Since fashion is a form of art, it does require imagination, creativity, and some art skills. Just like with the latest fashion statement of today Рnail art.

blue art nails

Nail art is now one of the most famous fashion styles nowadays because it is easy to carry, easy to do, and easy to remove in case fashion trends change.

Candi Big Toe Nail Art

Nail art is applied to both hand and toe nails through the use of several art techniques and materials, and of course a wide array of nail polish colors.

Toe nail art can be easily achieved through the use of different nail art materials and techniques. For beginners, they can consider stickers and decals for that easy toe nail art design.

green nail art

Appliques in the form of pre-made shapes, miniature flowers, feathers, beads, and tiny gem stones can be glued and covered by a layer of gel or acryl.

hot toe nails

If you are inspired to do even more artistic work, try random lines and create a somewhat abstract pattern. You can use a toothpick to create random lines upon application of a single coat.

Louis Vuitton Toe Nails

Of course, flowers are the most common nail art design. This may be hard to illustrate on a small size nail plate like that of our toe nails, but it can be remedied using nail art pens and toothpick.

Nail Art

Toe nail art looks good in the summer when you can flaunt your pretty and spoiled nails while wearing some cute pair of slippers. Indeed, toe nail art is just as easy to pull off as hand nail art.

nail art for 2010

pink nail art
toe nail art

Practicing Nail Art

pretty in PINK -  toe nail

nail art design

pretty in PINK hot

Shoe Toe Nail Art


toe nail

toe nail art

toe nail art for hot

toe nail polish

Toe Nails

toes & nails

toes nail art

toes nails


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  2. LINDRIA says:

    OMG..!!!:-)* I LOVE DESE NAILS ESPECIALLY THE FAV COLORFUL BLUE LOVINqq iht…:-)<3 mmmhh…. i wanna know who does dese nails message me at on f/b *** &nd how much dhiss costs i would veryy much appreciate it thankxx

  3. llolo says:

    its so nice can you send me more

  4. Cerise says:

    Wow… the pink flower with stripes and dots on other toes is a nearly exact copy of one I posted several years ago, deja vu? or plagiat? It’s nice to give credit to the originator.

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