Fashionable Nail Art Design

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For the recent few decades, polishing nails was considered fashionable. But for recent past nail art became more popular.

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Modern fashion trends show that not only you must have elongated nail but it must be attractive and stylish. Nail art became well known by its trendiest look and stylish appear.

Nail Art- Pink and Sparkle

Some people think that nail art is a new generation trend. But it is not like that. The first nail polish appeared in 300 BC in China. These were made from gelatin, yolk of egg, gum obtained from bees and also petals of flowers.

Nail Art 02

But now the whole story changed. Presently nail driers are also available which decreases the setting time of nail polish.

pink nail

Fashionable Nail Art Design

Red Pink Butterfly Nails

Pink Nails and White Pearls

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