Fingernail art

Fingernail art photos

Doing colors to the nails, becoming the trend for youth generation now. Everyone is mindful about look and appeal about their nails. Many salons are doing the fingernail painting, and they have beauticians who have learnt the art to increase their customer.

Fingernail art 2010

Many options are available for colorful fingernail art. It is a reasonably priced art. If a little practice is done, this is possible for self to do it by own.

Fingernail art

Around many years back nail polish was originated. That was the first option to color the nails and get attractive.


In fingernail art, you can design your nails as per occasions are many colors and glitters are available today in the market. You can shape your nails and color them as you want.

halloween nails

Later it becomes fashion and many changes came in this finger nail painting, and now it’s becoming a fashion trend. Many nail colors and shades are available today to color your nails and many big companies made brands of fingernail colors.

halloween nails 1

Fingernail art

halloween nails 2

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