Gel Nail Art Tips You Should Know

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If you want to look beautiful, you can apply many things. Beauty did not come from a glowing face or dressing style only.

dark blue with some rihnstone on nails

Beauty means the complete appearance and that means every part of your body. It sounds interesting and here we will talk about the nails. Today everybody looks to prudish and proper formed nails. Especially women’s have crazed about having beautiful nails

Gel Nail

Many varieties of artificial nails are available in the market now. It is add-on to the beauty of women.

Colorful Gel Nails

Gel nails are becoming popular now-a-days. Gel nails come in two outward appearances, one is without light and another is light cured. Both are created with pre chemical gel liquid.

gel nails with dark blue glitter

Gel nails are similar like acrylic nails. You can shape your nails with brush and can clean and can apply the lotion same way. You can apply this as per convenience. You can shape your nails like pearl, round or square and many more. The best part about Gel nail is they look absolutely original.

gel nails with hot pink glitter

Many of us use fiber nails, which are not good. I would prefer Gel nails as they are much better. The reason behind is they are low preservation and smell free nails.

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