Have you tried nail art for your hands?

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The beauty of our appearance does not just depend on our dressing styles and garment selection but also on the way we present and carry us.


A lot of our interaction is dependent on our hands and fingers, which has contributed in popularizing manicuring and nail care accessories to a great extent including the health factors associated with nails.

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Nail art is an imaginative and artistic process, involving special care and expertise for bringing out the best effects.

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Nail art primarily refers to the design and color patterns the nails are decorated with. Nail artists use the nails as a canvas to explore their creative ideas and enhance the appearance of the nails.

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Various elements such as glitter, gems, stones, abstracts, crystal, glass beads and prints are used for decorating the nails. Some artists use stickers and even dried and fragile flowers and diamantes as ingredients of nail arts.

Performing nail arts with perfection needs special skills and expertise.

Neon Zebra Nail Art

Different techniques and methods are employed by the nail artists to attain perfection in this art. These techniques may vary from hand painted designs and patterns to various artwork created with the help of specific nail coloring and designing tools such as air gun brushes and nail pencils.


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