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Hollywood loves Minx Nails.

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Minx Nails is a new trend that’s got the stars buzzing Beyonce wore the Minx Nails Gold Metallic in her “Single Ladies” video and that set off the buzz, but it’s well deserved. So whats so great about Minx Nails?

Minx Nails

First, Minx Nails uses a nail polish that is actually a heat activated hard film. It lasts about 1-2 weeks and doesn’t chip, and only wears off a little.

Minx Nails1

A Minx procedure will take about as long as a typical nail manicure, but once it is finished your nails are dry yes I said there is there is no required drying time and you can leave as soon as possible!

Minx Nails 2010

Women can get creative and choose from hundreds of patterns and even create there own custom nail designs.


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