How to achieve attractive nails art to compliment your outfits

2010 nail art trends

French nail art has seen many innovations and techniques wherein the artist actually considers the nails as a canvas.

black flowers nail art

French nail art can be designed to look very stunning and can be the object of envy for others. So, let us see some ways on how to achieve attractive nails art to compliment your outfits.

2010 hot Nail Art

a. Choose from a glittery to a bejeweled look or even a textured style. Jewels have gone beyond adorning the basic earrings or bracelets and necklaces. Most salons experiment with small silver ringlets or similar jewelry when it comes to French nail art.

2010 Nail art

b. French manicure nail art designs can also be created with the use of acrylic (liquid and powder) or fiberglass and UV gels. Most enhancement products include a white tip option to achieve a French manicured look. There are ways where you can create permanent French manicure nail art designs with the help of dried flowers, glitters, acrylic shapes and bullion beads etc.

amazing Nail Art

c. There are also various airbrush techniques and colors blending options available. Another look that is gaining popularity is the reverse French tip. Here the white is used over the entire nail and the pink color in used on the tip. Some perfect combinations are bright pink and bright yellow.

Black Cherries nail art

Always ensure you follow all the instructions your salon may offer regarding nail care. This is primarily important when you experiment with nail art design and need to keep your nails maintained for a long period of time.

Butterflies in grass -nail-art

How to achieve attractive nails art to compliment your outfits

Mickey mouse nail art

Nail Art

Nail Art - black - dark rose

nail art 2010

Nail Art - Hand Painted

Nail Art for 2010

nail polish


nature nail art

zebra in the news

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