How to Keep Your Nail Polish Fresh – Nail Polish Tips

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Nails with nail polish are very good to look at. For this reason, most women out there make it a point to go to salons, get a manicure and pedicure, and beautify their nails by having them painted. What’s frustrating is the fact that these colors fade or peel off after a few days.

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Some women do their own nail care at home in order to save money. They just buy all the necessary tools and stuffs to do their own manicure and pedicure sessions at their comfort zone.

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Their frustration anyway is that most of the time, the nail polish collection that they have with them would not stay fresh for a long time.  

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Nevertheless, there are ways to keep your nail polish fresh. One way is to keep it where it’s dark and do not let it get exposed to direct sunlight. The sun and a bright place will damage the color of the nail polish. When this happens, the color and the texture will not be pleasant anymore.

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Another way to make it stay fresh is to keep the neck of the bottle clean. Wipe away the neck of the bottle from the inside to the outside. That way, you will remove the excess amount of polish that may have built up while you are using it.

Nail Polish tips

Nail Polish Tips

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