Japanese nail art 2010 trends

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Stereoscopic nail art has been popular in Japan since the mid-90s and the nail style is increasing in popularity in the US and other parts of the world too now.

Japanese nail art

This isn’t your staid French manicure on a sports-length acrylic nail either. We’re talking one to two inches of nail extending past the tip of the finger.

Christmas Nails

Accompanying the trend is an accessories trend designed to either show off the nails or make them easier to work with — so there are little gadgets sold to help open soda cans and Japanese women can now buy golf gloves that don’t have a fingertip so their nail art will be visible while they are out golfing.

Japanese nail art1

In Japanese nail art, nail artists use hand-painting or airbrush techniques on on acrylic nail chips that are then attached to the real nail underneath. The artwork work can also be done directly on the hand.

Japanese nail art2

While most of the two-dimensional nail art is designed to give some depth and the impression of three dimensions, actual 3-dimensional nail art is practiced as well — using sculpture powder and the addition of charms and small bits of jewelry.

 Japanese Nail Art3

Japanese nail art 2010 trends

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