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A standard manicure usually includes filing and shaping of the nails and the application of polish, explains manicure art information. Some specialty manicures, such as the French Manicure, may also be offered.

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Nail art process includes hands treatments, that usually include soaking in a softening substance and application of hand lotion.

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A manicurist can also apply treatments to real nails, such as filing, polishing, and painting.

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Fancier manicures include painting pictures or designs on the nails or applying small decals or imitation jewels.

July Manicure

In many areas, manicurists are regulated and must be licensed. Because the skin is being manipulated and sometimes trimmed, and because there is a risk of infection when tools are used on multiple people, proper sanitation is critical.

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In India, henna was used for manicure. The term mehendi, used synonymously for henna, derives from the Sanskrit mehandika. Much of the modern revival of henna derives from its popularity in India.

French Manicure

Nail creation might include sanitizing the working surface, such as a table top, placing clean metal implements into a jar with sanitizing liquid, and having sanitized towels and new nail tools such as orange sticks and emery boards arranged neatly near the working area.


Soaking liquids are not reused, and all water used can be boiled or otherwise sanitized. These preparations prevent the possible spread of disease.


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