Minx Nails Trends in 2010

The tiny sticker-like pieces flooded the market, making the newest design available for the great public. The process basically follows an ordinary nail care session. First the canvas for the nail art is prepared and spared form any nail polish residues or natural oils. For the successful sticking the cuticles are handled and the minx carefully selected.

minx nail 2010

The application method is simple and quick, the minx is a 2-4 millimeter thick film that is cut to the nails size.

minx nail

Then it is applied with the help of a heat-activated adhesive or warmed up beforehand under a lamp and then placed as a simple sticker to the nails.


The pattern and color palette are unlimited, raging from the portray of president Obama to famous brands and comic characters. The point is to find the one that reflect the personality of the wearer.

minx nails

At the 2009 BET Awards Beyonce showed off her metallic Minx nails – the latest trend in nail design. Celebs like Fergie, Mariah Carey,  Blake Lively and Megan Fox are fans of the flexible film which is applied with heat by a certified technician. Beyonce’s manicure lasts 4 to 8 days while a pedicure lasts up to four weeks.


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