Modern manicure 2010

Modern manicure 2010

Since we use our hands too often on many things, it’s quite proper to take good care of them. One of the best ways to treat them, aside of course from using hygienic products and taking safety measures in order to protect them from being damaged, is to give them a manicure.

blue nail color

What a nail manicure basically does is that it keeps the nails tidy and makes the hands look clean. However, it will not only beautify your hands. There is really more to it than just simple good grooming. It can give a lot of benefits as well and among those benefits is protection.

blue nail color 1

Nowadays, nail manicure is done in various ways – ways that are incorporated with deeper fashion sense. There are designs which can be permanent and temporary. So far, the French manicure is the most sought after as it can be enhanced by applying various ideas.

pink nail color

You may also opt to choose an artwork that is relevant to a certain occasion which is coming very soon, such as New Year designs, birthday designs, valentine’s designs and so on.

red nail

Modern manicure 2010

red nail color 2010

white and purple nail color

wild nail art

red nail color for hot


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  1. vivianna says:

    omg!!!!! i love you guys nails. they are so beautiful. i want to gt my done like your guys. i want to do nails like you.

  2. darkheartlover says:

    Omg I love the nail job! It’s beautiful! I’m gonna be a manicurist just as soon as I finish my training so I might just have to try this one out myself! I’m going to school for it at Empire Beauty School, it’s so much fun and so interesting! For all you gals out there who don’t believe in your ability to make it big, I’m telling ya GO DO IT! I can’t wait, I’m gonna be making so much money!

  3. Melanie says:

    i like this post, and i like your site. i know how tough it is to keep up a blog regularly. trust me, i struggle! LOL keep up the good work!

  4. Rupert Tippie says:

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