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Nail polish, also known as nail varnish according to British English, is a cosmetic lacquer that is applied on both finger and toenails.

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Apart from ornamentation, nail polish is also supposed to protect the nails from harmful external agents while giving them a colorful look at the same time.

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Nail polishes are mostly made of nitrocellulose which is dissolved in a solvent. This mixture is either colored with various pigments, reflecting in smooth and glamorous nail colors or left clear.

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Traditionally, nail polish is worn by a woman, although now even men tend to wear them at special places or some special occasions. Also, men with a counter cultural bent may also use nail polish.

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However, the use of nail polish by men is still quite a rare and unaccepted phenomena, according to the norms and traditions it does not quite accept the male use of make up unless in case theatrical productions.

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The part that evaporates from the nail polish is the solvent which is also responsible for the strong odor of the nail polish. Once the nail polish has been applied on the nails, the solvent evaporates evenly, leaving behind a hard and smooth coat.


It is essential to choose the combination of the solvent properly failing which the solvent might take too long to evaporate, ruining the coat of the polish.

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It is due to this reason that the nail polish bottles are kept covered so that the polish does not lose the solvent and become to thick to use.

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