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There are special strings that can be seen for nail art advice. There are various nail colors, materials, and torsions. It is possible also to use free nail art ideas for the usual strings that are used for the embroidery with gold or silver.

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The strings are pasted on with glue or transparent polish. Please keep in mind that gluing is the main thing. The string should not touch the cuticle and should not reach the edge of the nail.

Strings can be used in lines, gauze, or to twist or glue rings, to bend and glue triangles and squares, and many more shapes and designs.

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You can easily find free nail art advice on the internet, shops, shops that trade in materials, in shops that sell tools for hairdressing salons, beauty salons, the training salons for the masters of manicure. By chocothemonkey


The nail art advice concerns patterns for use with a French manicure; please use the arrow column as it is easy for the creation of the ideal and precise imagines. In sets of nail art, it is possible to find ready made pattern but it is possible to make a pattern independently using transparent adhesive tape for this purpose. By hyperchica96

Nail Art

The nail art advice is most frequently done in the technology of drawing figures with the help of water acryl paints. The drawings are made on the surface of natural or artificial nails.

nail-art tips

Nail Art Tips

ocean nail art

Rose Nail art

Turquoise flower -nail-art

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