Nail colors tips for 2010 beauty trends

Nail colors tips

Perhaps the simplest style of them all is the basic solid color manicure. For open-toed shoes, be sure to apply a coat of the same nail color to your tootsies to accent your outfit and make you feel even more stylish. Basic styles in neutral and mild tones work very well for first impressions.

amazing nail

Choose a good nail color that complements the clothing you intend to wear. If the outfit is patterned, pick a shade that appears within the design a bit less than the other nail colors and use that same shade of nail polish to emphasize that hue.

Black Nail colors

For an even more fashionable look, do your nails in the solid color and allow them to dry completely. When they are finished drying, use a thin brush or a toothpick with a different color and trace a diagonal line going the same way on each nail.

bright nail color

Try to make them as uniform as possible, and as you become more and more adept at painting extra designs, create your own styles for fun.

flower nail

Nail colors tips for 2010 beauty trends

green nail

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